Saturday, December 20, 2008


I lost 1.4 pounds during this week of strep throat and not being able to swallow much (averaging somewhere around 15 points a day). I was a little disappointed, but I guess it's true - you lose by eating all your points and exercising, not by starving and lying around like a slug in bed. (Although let me just say that if Ryan lost again by eating beer, ice cream, salty snacks, tons of cookies and basically whatever else he feels like putting in his mouth on a whim - I may scream!)

I did hit 2 sort of milestones, though. I now have less than 50 pounds to lose which is of psychological importance to me, I guess. And I am exactly 20% of the way toward my goal weight.

I'm off to get ready to brave Nashville to get my hair cut and colored on the last shopping weekend before Christmas. On the bright side, I'll have nice hair and finished shopping (mostly) after today. AND this will be a good test for my crowds/traffic induced anxiety. Yay! Fun! Right? (Ug)

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Rebecca said...

Great Job on your weigh in. Surely you couldn't have been burning many calories nursing yourself back to health so any loss is great! Well done!