Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just checking in

I didn't post my weigh-in on Saturday because I was at my mom's house in Chicago and I think her scale is off - or mine is - anyway, I'm not exactly sure but there seems to be about a 4 pound difference. I did weigh, and the scale said 159, so that was probably 163 on my scale which would be a loss of .8 pounds. However, my eating hasn't been great since then, so I think I've pretty much stayed the same.
I haven't been binging which is huge for me, but I have had sweets and spinach artichoke dip and pizza...things like that. I have noticed that during a few stressful moments that happened to occur while I was eating, I stopped paying attention to my food, started eating much more quickly and mindlessly, and ate more than I otherwise would've. Definitely something I need to watch.
I'm not stressing about it. We got back home yesterday and have been busy trying to get the house together, run errands, unpack, reorganize and get ready for Ryan's family to come for a belated Christmas celebration this weekend.
Also - we bought a new TV! It should be here any minute along with the cable guy whose going to upgrade us to HD and DVR. We're really excited! I ordered a blu-ray player and Planet Earth (and some other stuff that came with it) on Blu-Ray. I can't wait to see how it looks!
We got a good deal, but it's still a huge expense. Our TV was from the 80s, so it was time, and with the digital tv signal switch coming up, it seemed like a good time. It's a 40" Sony KBR6 series. Hopefully we'll love it!

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