Saturday, December 13, 2008

finishing 1st restart week strong

Meals today:
Van's wheat free flax waffle and Horizon low-fat strawberry yogurt for breakfast (5 points)
veggie burger with double-fiber buns, fake bacon and 2% cheddar cheese and rosemary, garlic and olive oil fries for lunch (12 points)
1/2 cup vanilla bean ice cream with 1/3 serving Green & Black's dark chocolate and 2 crushed mini-candy canes for snack (6.5 points)
8 cashews and a clementine for a 2nd snack (2.5 points)
1 cup whole wheat spaghetti and pasta sauce with red peppers and gimme lean crumbled in it plus 1 cup steamed broccoli with lemon and 1 tbsp. parmesan for dinner (5.5 points)
Mint 3 musketeers for dessert (3 points)
34.5 total points

I used all my WPs this week, but had 11 APs left over. I'm a big eater, so I'll probably always use all my WPs and most of my APs. I'm only 5'3", so when I get close to my goal weight of 115, I'll only have 17 daily points and there's no way I can eat that little. Luckily I like to work out.

Workout: I'm trying to make Saturday my weight lifting day. I'm never motivated to do weight lifting after my aerobic workouts during the week, so it's best I get it over with on a day when I don't have to be anywhere. I was at the gym for 80 minutes, but I never know how to count weight lifting for APs, so I counted 60 min. I did biceps curls; shoulder –overhead presses; front raises and lateral raises, triceps – pull down and dips, chest - fly and press, back - row and pull-down, legs – abduction, adduction, curls, extension, press and calf press.
Plus the house is clean. So, that's 4 consecutive days I feel good about.

Ryan and I are going to Chicago to see my family for Christmas. We want to see his family here in Tennessee too, but it's a lot of driving for us, so we're trying to get them to come to our house. We're thinking of trying out some raw recipes. I have the Charlie Trotter's Raw book and Juliano's too. It seems like it takes a lot of prep, but could be worth it. Maybe we'll just try some raw crackers, cheese and maybe an appetizer like hummus with sprouted chick peas. The Charlie Trotters book has this thai noodles dish in which young coconuts take the place of noodles. It sounds fantastic, but where would I get young coconuts?!

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