Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finished with Finals! Finally!

Wow - I'm seriously exhausted, but I'm finished! I worked all through the weekend and all day yesterday. I slept about 5 hours Sunday night and 3 1/2 last night, and I'm definitely one who needs the 8 hours of sleep, so I'm wiped out, but soooo happy it's over.
I hope I get A's in all my classes. I worked really hard all semester, and especially on my History of Education final paper. I did that paper on the history of de jure and de facto segregation in the Chicago Public Schools since Brown v. Board of Ed.
I only started my paper for my other class (Issues in Cultural Studies) once I'd finished the first one (which was a research paper and much longer) yesterday. So...that one's not very good. It's on stereotypes of teachers in the media. I found 7 - there's probably more. 1) the cheerful and politically neutral nurturer, 2) the boring, droning, detached figure at the front of the classroom (Bueller....Bueller), 3) the morally superior schoolmarm, 4) the strict, cheerless schoolmaster (Ichabod Crane), 5) The grouchy, teachers’ lounge gossiper suffering from burnout (Mrs. Krabappel), 6) the charismatic and rebellious, savior/hero (soo many of these - Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society is a good one), and 7) the perfect teacher who effortlessly plays all unfilled roles at all times for her students. I worked on it until I hit a wall around 3:30 AM and couldn't do anymore. So I submitted it. I'd have to get a D on the paper to not get an A in the class, so I'm not too worried, but...still...it's embarrassing to submit crap.

Sooo - in other news, Sunday was my big restart. That doesn't mean that everyday is going to be perfect or that I'm going to keep re-declaring restarts if I mess up, but it does mean that I'm going to weigh every week, always consider myself "on plan" and hold myself accountable by posting here. I set 2 goals for Sunday and Monday knowing I would be completely overwhelmed with finals. I wanted to exercise and finish my finals (as my way of managing stress). I did exercise on Sunday, but Monday there was no time. I plan to exercise after a nap this afternoon. Sunday I did step Cher aerobics and an abs workout.

My goals for today are to eat healthy foods, exercise, clean up at home and get to bed early.

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