Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve journal

Just a quick food journal update.
Last night I didn't eat any more after I posted except for the smallest bite of my favorite cookie that my mom makes - orange poppyseed.

Today, my stomach still feels like I'm not digesting my food well - like it's just sitting in my stomach - or really, it feels like it's sitting in my throat although obviously it's not. So I had a yogurt (Rachel's 1.5% fat pomegranate acai) for breakfast to see if that would help. Later I went out and got some probiotic supplements and I'm going to take those 3 times a day until I'm finished with the antibiotics.

Around lunchtime we went to Whole Foods to get some last minute things for Christmas, and we stopped at their deli. I got these sesame tofu spears and ate 2 of those, then I wound up sharing Ryan's tofu, brown rice (~1/2 cup) and veggies with peanut sauce. Yum. I also had 2 or 3 bites of his miso soup. I knew it would be good for my stomach, but it tasted too strongly like seaweed for me, so I didn't have much.

Later, I snacked on about 4 pieces of pistachio toffee (I'd say each piece is a little over 1 square inch), had maybe 2 orange poppyseed cookies and some small tastes of candycane cookies when I was testing to see if they were finished (probably a total of a quarter-sized piece - I don't even like those cookies and I swear there's no almond extract in them even though my mom insists she put it in). I also had several (maybe 10?) small brown rice crackers (those little, thin crisps).
For dinner I had a salad with oil and red wine vinegar and 1 latke with about a tablespoon of sour cream and some natural applesauce (no sugar added).

Tomorrow's Christmas! I don't think my stomach will let me overdo it - I'm just going to keep tracking but not counting points until I get back home from Chicago.

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