Tuesday, December 23, 2008

goodbye to Linus

My sweet angel-cat, Linus died yesterday. He was 15. We were on our way to Chicago when he passed around 11 aM. We didn't get in until 8 PM, so we didn't get to kiss him goodbye. It's very sad and I'll miss him a lot, but I'm glad he went quickly once he got really sick. Sometimes cats will just hang on much longer than you think they possibly could, and it's so painful to watch. Linus had surgery to remove a tumor in the spring, and we think it came back. He started losing weight and getting jaundiced and was gone that same week. Poor baby - he was so loved.
When my dad died in summer of 2007 I made a photo album of him and that was very healing for me to make and for everyone to look through - maybe I'll do that for Linus too.

As for my food journaling...let's see...
Monday I had a Van's wheat free waffle (plain) for breakfast
On the 10 hour ride up to Chicago, we stopped at a Panera and I got the "You-Pick-Two" with half a greek salad (no olives) and half a mediteranean veggie sandwich and chips. I got an asiago bagel to go and ate that in the car a few hours later.
I also had an apple.
When we got to Chicago I wasn't really hungry. I just had 1 bite of Ryan's veggie lasagna and a half glass of white wine. I haven't figured out points and don't know if I plan to this week.

Today, so far, I had a Clementine at breakfast, a bite of a gingerbread cookie waiting in line at the bakery, and a salad and slice of deep dish pizza this afternoon. I feel like I'm not digesting very well, so even though I'm not hungry I just ate a yogurt to see if that helps (I'm worried it's from the antibiotics, so yogurt might counter that a bit). I'm not going to have dinner tonight. I'm making cookies with my mom, so I'll post later if I snack.

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