Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shaky but trying

I was so tired this morning. I'm really going to have to get used to the alarm going off at 4:45. I can't go back to sleep, so I think I'll just get myself in bed to read ridiculously early - like 8:30. Because it's after noon and I'm still exhausted!
So far I had my multi-vitamin and big (3 c.) mug of lemon tea with a wheat free waffle, banana and 12 almonds (5.5 points) and recorded it at WW online's food tracker. I didn't leave myself time to make a salad so I grabbed an Amy's tofu lasagna and just finished that for lunch. (I have to check the points)
I'm still having cravings - I think it's linked to being tired.
I don't know how I'll do with them today, but whatever it is I'll post about it.
I have 2 goals for today - go to bed early because I will never get back on track this tired.
And exercise.
There's a lot of other stuff that I'd like to do...that I should do...but I'm trying to prioritize and set the bar a little low. Time to get back to work!


Chellie has Issues said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's so hard to get up early again isn't it? I set my alarm to run before work, but since I didn't go to bed until after 11...5 AM wasn't looking too good. I read about your food freak out the other day. I can TOTALLY relate. It's good that you are not dwelling on it and moving back in a positive way. For me, I had to find a workout I loved to get me out of bed since I'm not a morning person. It used to be step aerobics and kick boxing but lately it's running. It's the quickest way for me to get 4 activity points!

Anonymous said...

hi! just wanted to tell you that you look waay younger than 30!!!
oh and also i answered your question regarding whether it keeps me accountable to post photos of food on my blog but ill C&P my response here:

i don’t necessarily think posting photos of the food keeps me accountable - i do that more out of fun. =) And also I don’t photograph or mention every single thing I’ve eaten, but i have found it really really keeps me accountable to “report back” here how my overall “eating day” has gone. Knowing that I’ve pretty much committed to doing that daily really has kept me accountable.

Olivia said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by my blog chica! Can I just say that you are GORGEOUS!? My sister is a teacher so I empathize with what you are going through.

Keep up the fantastic work! You deserve it.