Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick food & exercise journal

no breakfast
lunch: Indian buffet - 2 wedges of naan, ~10 thin pakora strips with chutney, potato and carrots dish, saag paneer, yellow daal, rice, chickpea and apples salad

dinner: coconut, lemongrass, tofu and veggie soup (large bowl)

dessert: 1 c. Green & Blacks's chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and 1 Reece's PB cup

snacks: finished a bag of potato chips (~1/2 serving); 4 ginger chews; 2 mini candy-canes, 8 small rice and sesame crackers with pepper hummus, 2 small squares chocolate, 2 mini candy cane they were all such small bites, but it really adds up to a lot when I look at it now...

walking only at the park - 5,000 steps; 2.5 miles, 50 minutes

I was soooo tired for at least the first half of the day - I think that's why I started craving sugary foods - and they did wake me up. I mean...I was scary tired - I thought something was wrong. I wonder if my body is just so used to the sugar it feels like it needs it.
I thought I'd slept well, but within 2 hours of waking up (after 9 hours of sleep) I was like a zombie. On the plus side, I made myself go out in 20-something degree weather and flurries to walk in the park. I didn't jog, because for some reason I nearly always twist my ankles when I try to run in the cold. But it was a good, brisk, hilly walk for 50 minutes, so I feel good about it. The most important thing to me is staying in the pattern of getting some activity every day, whether or not it's the toughest workout. I was sweaty and pink and out of breath, so - good enough for me!

I didn't get my asthma meds this week. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 11, but it wasn't bad at all until I went away to college. From 18 to around 24 it was pretty bad. I used to sleep with my inhaler in my hand because I'd always need it in the middle of the night and would panick if it wasn't right there with me. I only needed to go to the emergency room once, and even then, though I was in a lot of distress, I still drove myself to the hospital so I know it could've been worse. It hasn't been bad for at least 5 years now. I didn't see any problems with it at all from about age 25 until 28 when we moved to Cookeville (asthma unfriendly territory), and I found myself not wheezing, but not able to take full, deep breaths - just a strange, constantly a bit short of breath feeling, but pretty mild. My dr. put me on Singulair and I've been taking it for awhile now. This week my insurance stopped covering it and I would've had to pay $75 for it, so I'm going to try going off of it and see what happens. I'm still going to take something for my allergies everyday, but just try to increase my lung capacity with exercise and start watching the sugar and chocolate a lot more to see if that helps.

Gotta go to bed. Big day tomorrow! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

wow thats awesome u went out in the cold!
love the food tweet pics!! =)

Redhoon said...

Care to share the recipe for that yummy looking soup? Way to stay accountable and to get out in the cold and exercise!

Rachel said...

Sure! But it's Ryan's recipe so I might be guessing a little. He uses a can of coconut milk, a thai noodle packet (I think this was lemongrass chile - there's a spice packet and noodles in the package), lots of veggies (this one had cauliflower, broccoli, shitakes and celery), tofu and red curry paste (just a little! it's hot). I think he adds water - just to make it whatever consistency you like.
It's sooo yummy!