Thursday, January 8, 2009

no snow day!

Oh man - I really wanted a snow day today. I shouldn't have had the ice cream so close to bedtime last night - I couldn't sleep, had 2 nightmares and then cycled through one of those weird dreams in which you think you're awake in your dream...doing mundane things....then you realize in your dream that you're dreaming and wake up and start doing more mundane morning things.....only you didn't really wake up you just thought you did...and it goes on and on...I don't know why, but I don't sleep well with those - very agitating. Then I was just up completely for an hour lying in bed before I got out of bed an was up for another hour. No fun. It was supposed to snow and then the forecast abruptly changed and...nothing. Sigh...

Today is the first day of my classes at UT-Knoxville - I'm getting permission to leave work/school early to go to grad school. It won't take away from the time I'd be with my kids - they're already on their way to buses when I'll be leaving, but I just won't stay until 3:15. I have an agreement to get to work school early in the morning and leave early for class on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm hoping we'll get out of class early since it's the first day, and I'll be home by 7:30.

Food-wise today's been fine so far. I had a low-fat raspberry yogurt for breakfast, this really yummy new Amy's frozen meal - tamale verde with cheese, rice and beans for lunch, and a few banana chips in between. I don't have anything else with me but a package of cheese crackers, more banana chips and 2 Clementines, so I'm going to eat those during my commute back and forth from Knoxville (it takes me an hour and 40 minutes to get to campus). It will be too late to eat when I get back, even if we're let out early, so that should be it. I'm never this bad with the veggies - I'll try to work on that tomorrow.

UPDATE: I emailed my prof for tonight's class (I know her from 2 classes last semester) to tell her I would be a little late and she replied that since she's just planning to hand out the syllabus and dismiss shortly after that, that I shouldn't make that long drive. She offered just to email it to me. So nice of her! So - plans have changed. I'll update the food journal tomorrow.


Ellen said...

I love Amy's frozen meals! They are so the opposite of a "frozen dinner" in so many ways :) Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - I've added you to my Bloglines feedreader so I can start reading you, too!

I wish we would get snow days here, but living in the central valley in California means never having snow! I should be grateful Lake Tahoe is just 2 hours from here, I guess :)

Rachel said...

Hi Ellen :)
I usually have guilt about eating the frozen stuff, but I allow it every Friday after my Thursday late class...and for days like today when I'm sleepy and unprepared I keep about 2-3 in our freezer at school.
Ryan and I might move to San Francisco after he finishes his bachelor's degree - we know a ton of people out there who love it and never miss the snow :)