Sunday, January 4, 2009

Post holiday wrap up

Wow - I haven't posted since Wednesday. It's been busy around here! We did Christmas and Hannukah on their actual dates with my family in Chicago, but when we got back we still had to celebrate Christmas with Ryan's family. We got back on Tuesday and spent that day, Wednesday and part of Thursday trying to get unpacked and reorganized, clean up, shop and plan for the weeekend. Ryan's dad got here Thursday and his mom and aunt came Friday.
We had been wanting to try some raw foods recipes and thought his family would be open to being our guinea pigs and they were. It turned out great! We mixed raw and regular (vegetarian) foods and it took forever to prepare, but turned out so elegent and yummy. We served 3 courses and took breaks for opening presents and hanging out in between. I took pictures of the table and the first course below. It's our first holiday hosting duties, so I'm excited with the whole thing.

1st course - We had summer rolls (marinated veggies, avocado, young coconut meat, basil and arugula) - 2 wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber and 1 in a regular rice paper wrapper; a young coconut meat pad thai with almond chile sauce (those 2 were the raw recipes), and fried tempeh with 3 dipping sauces (peanut tofu, almond chile, and the soy vey Caribbean teriyaki from a bottle - you can see them in the middle of the table)

2nd & 3rd courses I don't have pictures of. 2nd course was a yummy coconut lemongrass soup. We just used those packaged noodle soup (almost like ramen noodles, honestly) in the lemongrass chile flavor, and added the coconut water from the young coconuts and canned coconut milk. Best ever! Yummmmmm.
3rd course was brown rice with steamed veggies, stir fried tofu and kale, and peanut sauce. One of my favorites. Everyone loved it and I'm so relieved!

As far as the weight loss progress goes...I haven't been so diligent. We did go on a pretty tough hike together on Saturday, but that's all the exercise I've had. I may go on a walk 2x around the 1.8 mile lap at the park if I can get Ryan to come with me. I'm way too paranoid to go alone. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in the city, but I get nervous jogging through woodsy areas - like someone's going to jump out of a tree at me :)

I've been vaguely trying to make healthy choices, but haven't been counting points or being very restrictive. I'm not giving myself a free pass for the holidays or my vacation and I haven't been binging or eating secretly (my danger zones), but I wouldn't say my choices have been diet friendly either. AND - I missed my weigh in. Oh...wait...I can just weigh in now. It's only a day late. I'm so smart :-P
Okay - I'm back and at 162.2. I didn't have an accurate weigh in last week, but I think I called it 163 because it looked like my mom's scale was 4 pounds lower than mine and it said I was 159. have a loss at all this week is pretty awesome and surprising and here's why...
Yesterday Ryan's dad made potatoes with tofu and orange slices for breakfast. We took them to the Indian buffet for lunch - I had naan, aloo ghobi, sag palaak, a chick pea salad, pakora and chutney. Later we had leftovers from Christmas/New Years meal (just the raw stuff so, not bad at all - there was no leftover soup, tempeh or stir fry). I also snacked on cashews (maybe 6), beet and sweet potato chips (maybe 12), chocolate (ummm...I - 10 pieces, each 1" sq.), and some ginger chews (probably 5). Later I had a whole bunch - at least half a pint of Haagen Dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream that had me wired and anxious and up until almost 1 AM reading archives at Pasta Queen then my book. I learned my lesson I hope - that did not feel great.
So - today I'm going to look back through the list of 2009 goals that I wrote out on Wednesday morning and make a list that I can print out just to check and peek at periodically - to keep myself focused. I've also left myself with a lot of work left to do to get ready for work again tomorrow. I want to journal my food today - maybe I'll look into posting pics on twitter pic (I saw Laura at The Pursuit of Healthyness doing that and it looks like a good idea), and exercise. If I do that and get some work done, it will be a good day.

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Redhoon said...

Beautiful table and a very yummy-looking menu! New to your blog, but it's inspiring!