Monday, January 5, 2009

Blech...first Monday back at work

Ug. I'm so dreading this week. It feels like with all the traveling and hosting for the holidays, and starting the break with strep throat, that the time flew by, I didn't get done what I needed to by today, and now I'm just not ready to go back.

Ryan is on his way to start his new internship in Nashville. First day! I'm so proud of him. He's been nervous though and didn't get to sleep for a long time last night - I got to sleep first, but I was up way past when I wanted to, partially with him and partially because in a moment of complete idiocy I consumed probably a cup of mini M&Ms and Reece's Pieces. I thought I was supposed to have learned my lesson about that the day before....hmmmm....not good.

So - I didn't really set myself up to start the week right. We got up at 4:45 so Ryan could get ready and start his long commute by 5:45 - that turned into 6 when we couldn't find his keys. Ah!

So I'm really, really tired right now. Sleep is #1 hugest priority for me - I don't know what my problem is but everything I struggle with is magnified when I'm sleep deprived - allergies, anxiety, asthma...everything. And my mood's not so hot either! The worst thing is that I know this about myself and did it anyway. I'm trying to at least make today more productive than I made yesterday.

I typed up my list of goals this morning - a sort of informal daily checklist to keep me focused.

I've also been working on doing my 'educator information record' and am starting on my 'future growth plan' - teacher paperwork stuff that I should've had done already. Today there are no kids - just workshops. I signed up for a workshop that would've given me time to work on this paperwork stuff, but it was cancelled last minute when I went to double check my schedule last night. So - I figured as long as I'm up early I might as well just conduct my own little workshop.

Today I'm going to 4 sessions. One on the new high school standards. I teach elementary grades, but I need to know where they're headed. The others are on autism and aspergers, the school system's budget (because I want to eventually go into policy), and the ELDA inventory (standardized ESL assessment for primary grades). I should get to just listen and absorb (no role play or getting-to-know-you activities) most of the day, except the ESL workshop which is a share/brainstorm session with people I know. I think that's a good mode for me today - I'll learn valuable info but won't have to expend too much physical energy. Aren't I just a ray of sunshine? :) I'll try to get a better attitude by this afternoon. The plan is go to workshops, come home and do my pilates video, finish my lesson plans and future growth plan and get ready for my evaluation tomorrow, then clean and shut down the activity early so I can get to bed at 9.
I'm off to get ready.

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