Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Detox - Day 3

I love my scale :)
Down another 0.8 today to 163.2
That's 4.6 total gone from my official Saturday morning weigh-in to now (Tues. morning).

I know only some of that is fat and some is water and some is whatever crap I've just been storing inside me that the detox is helping me get rid of, but whatever it is, I'm glad it's gone.
My goal was to get to 162.8 by my fast day, this coming Saturday, and I'm only 0.4 away!
I'm now just 5.2lbs from my low point (my 10% loss) on this journey in October when I totally fell off the wagon.
I also remeasured my waist at it's narrowest (-2.25 in.), my waist at my belly button (-0.25 in.) and my hips (-1.0 in.)

Plus, I slept all the way through the night last night for the first time in forever. Didn't meet my 8 hrs goal, but I got more than 7.
As for detox side effects - yesterday afternoon my stomach hurt for a few hours. Then on the way home from class I had a headache. But nothing too terrible. Definitely better than the weekend ailments.

I ate everything in my twitpic except the pear, which got smooshed in my lunchbag, and the crackers.

Here's the nutritional and points breakdown....actual/goal

Calories: 1,212/1,200-1,550
Fat: 53g/32-56
Carbs: 143g/163-236
Protein: 56g/60-127
Fiber: 39g/25-35
Sodium: 874mg/0-2,300 (that seems low...I'll have to check to make sure it's right)

WW Points: 23

Activity: nothing - I really, really just can't do it Monday :)

I have no idea what I'm going to pack today...I need to go to the store...hmmmm
Well, I better go figure it out.
See ya later :)


Anonymous said...

wow you're doing absolutely awesome! i love seeing those inches shrink :D

Ellen said...

Impressive on the inches lost in the waist!! Way to go :) A friend of mine is doing a detox, too, to restart her healthy eating. I've heard it is a great way to "start freesh."

Rachel said...

:) Thanks guys! I do feel like it's what I needed to start fresh. I've been in such a rut, and I think what this plan will ultimately help me with is momentum, confidence and nixing cravings.
I love seeing those inches go, too. I could feel a difference, so I decided to measure again. Yay!