Friday, February 13, 2009

Conquering Valentine's Day cravings

Just a quick sort of note to myself that I have been faced with diet-dangers all day long and have resisted all of them - so it IS possible, and it will get better if I chew gum, distract myself, think about how I'll feel if I give in and stay fueled with healthy foods.

This morning, on the way to work I stopped at CVS to get suckers for my kids and saw the Easter candy in the next section - I have a huge weakness for Cadbury Eggs and mini-chocoloate thingies...I don't know what they're called...the kind that look like robins' eggs with the candy shell. I saw them out of the corner of my eye and made myself look the other way, grab the suckers for my kids (which don't really tempt me) and head to the check-out.

At work, I found some Hershey's Kisses I had randomly stashed in a drawer (actually, one of my ever-watchful kiddies noticed them and said "Hey! You have candy in there!" :) It's one of those transparent rubbermaid drawers.
I would've given them out, but there were only 3 or 4 - not enough for everyone. So they stayed there and I didn't touch them.

Later in the afternoon (typical craving time), I remembered they were there and thought "oh - what could it hurt?" But knew the answer was that it could lead to a downward spiral and took out my snack to eat early instead (carrots, crackers and hummus). After that I didn't want the chocolate anymore.

Everyone had Valentine's Day parties and all day long I was offered cookies and cupcakes and things, but didn't take any. I finally accepted some to take home for Ryan, but feel like I have my cravings beat and am not going near them.

I am curious about one thing...I have one of those nauseating, throbbing headaches...and I wonder if that has to do with not giving into cravings...a sort of sweet-tooth withdrawal. I'm just curious if I would've had the 'bad' snacks earlier if I'd still have a headache.
Not going to test that out - just wondering...
Be back for weigh in tomorrow...I'm guessing it will be just about the weight I was at before I started the detox...oh well...

Before bed cravings update:
I had a moment of self-doubt when I almost thought that there was no way I'd be able to resist tempting sugary things (e.g. the Dove ice cream minis in my freezer right now). I just didn't believe in myself and I almost caved. (I'm starting to believe that most of the times I haven't been successful at dieting and other things in my life are due to my failure to believe in myself, actually) But I didn't give in. I ate a yummy, juicy, sweet orange instead with a cup of tangerine herbal tea. Cravings? Poof! Gone :) I need to remember these little successes so that I don't talk myself into a binge sometime in the future. Goodnight!


Rachel said...

I get sugar withdrawal headaches that are much worse than caffeine withdrawal headaches!

The Happy Housewife said...

sounds like you are doing great! I think you could feel bad from the cravings, there have been many studies on things like this and I know people can feel sick when they give up sugar and other sorts of things.