Saturday, November 1, 2008

My first blog

Hi! I'm creating this blog to serve as a diary for my quest to get healthy and lose weight. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, but decided to take the reigns and get healthy this summer. I joined Weight Watchers July 27, 2008 and by mid-October I had lost 18 pounds. I've gained back 2-3 pounds in the weeks since, and think that an online diary will help me reverse the trend before it gets out of control. I am going to focus on holding myself accountable for sleep, stress management, diet and exercise by posting about it here. My goal for tomorrow is to get 8 hours of sleep, go for an hour-long run/walk with my boyfriend first thing in the morning, track my points on, and complete my class work for the next week. I teach elementary ESL full time, but I am also taking 3 grad classes at my state university and am struggling with balancing everything. I know that my body is extremely sensitive to lack of sleep and poor stress management, so if I want to lose weight and have enough energy for my students and myself I need to make sleep and health a priority.

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